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What to expect from solution focused hypnotherapy

During the free initial consultation, we will take some details from you about what you are hoping to achieve and what you want help with.  I will also talk you through an explanation of how our brains work, why we struggle with specific symptoms and how hypnotherapy can help.  This normally takes about an hour and is an important part of the process, as understanding the reasons why we suffer or struggle in the way we do helps enormously in the treatment.  There is no obligation to book after this.

Each subsequent session lasts around 75 minutes.  The first part of each session is a discussion between the two of us.  The focus will be on positive forward-thinking.  Whilst past events can affect us, they can't be changed.  We can only change our present thought processes to achieve a brighter future.  We will also discuss progress since the previous appointment.
During the second part of the session, we will get you into a relaxed hypnotic state.  This can be really effective in bringing about meaningful change through accessing the subconscious thought processes.  

The number of sessions required depends on the nature of the treatment and on your own feelings of the progress you've made.  The treatment generally works very quickly and most people suffering from anxiety or depression will find themselves back to their normal selves within 8 sessions.  3 to 4 sessions are normally required for phobias and smoking cessation just requires one 2 hour session.

Jason Bowen


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