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Hypnotherapy treatments can help you with the following:

How can help



Around 260 million people suffer from depression worldwide which equates to approximately 5% of the adult population.  Depression and anxiety often work hand in hand and is widely considered to be the most common psychological disorder.  Positive thinking, positive interaction and positive activity will all help to encourage more time spent in the left pre frontal cortex (the happy part) and less in the right prefrontal cortex (the sad part).  The trance work through hypnosis will help to relax you and stimulate positivity at the subconscious level.  This can all be done in conjunction with any prescribed medication.


Sport Performance 


Sport hypnotherapy is by no means limited to elite athletes.  The goal is to achieve peak performance for your ability.  Most amateur sports participants spend the vast majority of their time practicing their technique, playing the sport and the remaining time spent on searching for the elusive bit of equipment that could make the difference.  Elite sports people will spend a considerable proportion of their training time working on the mental approach.  They know how important it is and this is no different for amateurs.  I have worked with a variety of sports people including golfers, tennis players and snooker players and the results have been dramatic.  Positive thinking, positive visualisation and positive activity in conjunction with hypnosis can bring your game to new levels of enjoyment no matter what your current ability is.

Sports Performance



We all have fears of certain things to varying degrees but sometimes that fear can really effect the way we live our lives.  Most phobias can be treated with 3 to 4 sessions and will often involve a process of using hypnosis to jumble up old inaprorpiate memories that are effecting us and replacing them with thoughts of how we would like to feel.  Sometimes the phobia may be brought on by an underlying anxiety and it would be recommended to address this first.  Common fears treated include flying, spiders, needles and heights.


Stopping Smoking 


Many pharmaceutical companies offering nicotine replacement therapy would have you believe how addictive smoking is.  The physical part is in fact only 10 percent of the addiction and the remaining 90 percent is psychological.  The treatment is done over a single 2 hour session, involves some initial discussion on why we smoke and how the brain encourages us to involve ourselves in such a dangerous habit and is followed by personalised hypnosis.  The success rate is high and many people leave having quit for good.

Stop Smoking

This is by no means an exhaustive list. 


Hypnosis and solution focused hypnotherapy can also help with weight loss, OCD, performance anxiety, PTSD, and even pain management. 

"The Power Of Positivity In Conjunction With Hypnosis Can Be A Wonderful Thing."



Initial consultation lasting 1hr - free

Treatment session lasting about 75 minutes - cost £50

Smoking cessation sessions last around 2hrs and cost £85


What to Expect:

During the free initial consultation we will take some details from you about what you are hoping to achieve and what you want help with.  I will also talk you through an explanation of how our brains work, why we struggle with specific symptoms and how hypnotherapy can help.  This normally takes about an hour and is an important part of the process, as understanding the reasons why we suffer or struggle in the way we do helps enormously in the treatment.  There is no obligation to book after this.

Each subsequent session lasts around 75 minutes.  The first part of each session is a discussion between the two of us.  The focus will be on positive forward thinking.  Whilst past events can effect us, they can't be changed.  We can only change our present thought processes to achieve a brighter future.  We will also discuss progress since the previous appointment.

During the second part of the session we will get you into a relaxed hypnotic state.  This can be really effective in bringing about meaningful change through accessing the subconscious thought processes.  

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